Match Striker Pots

Match Striker Pots

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Handmade ceramic match strikers - each striker is hand thrown on a potter's wheel.

Sizes vary slightly. Approx 2-2.25" tall x 2-2.25" wide.

The bottom half of striker is left unglazed to provide a rough surface for striking the match.

This match striker is intended for use with "strike anywhere" matches. It will not work with just any matches. Also, please be aware, just like when you strike a match on the box, it will leave a mark. These are intended to be used as match strikers. If you are very particular with leaving marks on your striker, another option would be to strike the match on the underside of the cup.

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on our match strikers once you strike a match on it.

We cannot be held responsible for your matches not working. Strike anywhere matches should work on any rough surface.

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